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My name is Wilhelm Krohmer. I design, dance, code & observe.


mobile phone with menu at the bottom of the screen

Nailing the basics: mobile navigation

With increasing complexity of mobile apps, having a simple navigation has never been more important. Joining the otelo app team I redesigned their navigation, improving the overall app architecture in the process.

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mobile phone displaying e-commerce product categories and search

Finding the right product (fast) — part 1

In e-commerce there are many kinds of shoppers, each with their unique traits and needs. To help product-focused customers find their desired product faster, I redesigned s.Oliver's search and categories.

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mobile phone displaying a list with various fashion products

Finding the right product (fast) — part 2

Finding the right product online can feel like detective work. I redesigned s.Oliver's product list helping customers decide which product really deserves their attention.

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mobile phone displaying a list of sound compositions

Klangfang: the social sound-editor

Listen, collect sounds, compose together. Klangfang is a social sound editor that connects you to other people in a special way.

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About me

My name is Wilhelm Krohmer (he/him). I am a digital product designer and dancer. As a designer I want to create web and mobile apps that care about the users people using them. Products should be fun, enable people to solve their problems and make them feel comfortable. As such I strive for ethical, inclusive and privacy-focused products with a clear vision.

In my free time I practice photography, coding and speaking various languages.

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